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“The person you’re looking for isn’t looking for you.”
~ Anonymous Recruiter

The Lehman Gates Process

One of the main reasons you are not getting the desired results is because current internet-based methodologies of matching resumes, key words and job descriptions are flawed. The Lehman Gates process moves beyond the internet and social media alone to reach deeper into the talent pool to bring you the most qualified candidates available. It is as effective as it is exhaustive yet the results are time-tested. The process includes these five distinct phases:

  • Project Analysis– Results are only as good as our understanding of our clients’ needs, culture and future strategic initiates. Therefore, you and other key constituents will spend time with us individually, as schedules permit, in order to fully share all aspects, opinions and styles. You will then receive our Search Summary document that captures our understanding of the scope of the role and how we can best market the opportunity in the market for review. The Search Summary allows you an opportunity to make certain our recruiting strategy is correct before the search project begins greatly reducing wasted time and efforts.
  • Due Diligence – After we received your approval of our assessment of the opportunity then our research team conducts a full market analysis to identify all viable players for a specific role. This is the road map we use before we begin our search.
  • Evaluation – We will speak directly to each person from our research analysis to identify the top performing 10 candidates who are seriously interested in advancing their career toward an opportunity in line with our client’s (no “tire kicking” allowed). Deeper screening includes a CAB Statement (Challenge, Activities, Benefit) as we drill down further into our target pool. The Digital Interview is optional, but highly recommended.
  • Reference Checks – Yes, we check references prior to presenting candidates to our clients once we have narrowed our list to the best candidates.
  • Presentation – The top 3 – 5 candidates will be presented with their resumes, their references and their CAB Statements – as well as The Digital Interview, if requested.


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